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Astonishing "Insider" Secrets To Get Direct Access To Your Natural Intelligence and Hidden Super Powers. Break Through Your Limitations To Achieve Unlimited Mental and Intuitive Insight. This Is The Ultimate Solution To Create A New Financial Reality.

I've created a super-special, recession busting deal for you, to tap into your natural super powers and help enjoy the success YOU DESERVE. This course has everything you need to achieve your full potential using your innate resonant energy.
This isn't some stripped down sorry excuse for an online class! This is some of the best material I've ever put online . . . and now, for a limited time, you get it for less than price of a movie ticket. And you get a full 30-day guarantee!

This 3-day, full-featured viewing class has several instructional videos covering topics like the physics of resonance, left and right-brain thinking, how non-local information flows to you plus 3 full practice videos. The Intro to Insight class is similar to the Insight viewing class with fewer practice videos and no bonuses. However, if you decide you like it, you can upgrade to the complete Insight class and get full credit for your purchase of the Intro Insight class. You can't lose!

What You Get!

8 The Seven Best Viewing Videos From the Insight Class
8 Everything You Need to View
8 Complete Instructions
8 30-Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee
8 Only $9.95 -- Includes Email Support!

You'll Discover . . .

8 How to easily and naturally tap into the quantum matrix with your "Super Mind"!
7 How to activate your hidden senses and natural powers of insight and intution
6 How to view, sense, and accurately describe distant people, places, and events--for real!
5 How to benefit from your new-found sensory skills in your personal life and work
4 Special tips I've learned from the best military viewers--I'll share them all with you!
3 "See" past and future events, distant planets and civilizations, UFOs, and unsolved mysteries!
3 Learn how to use Virtual Viewing to sharpen your senses and improve your decision-making skills!
3 Learn how to move your mind around in space and time, simply using the power of thought and the magic of resonance
3 Sharpen your "situational awareness" to protect youself in dangerous environments
3 How to tap into the full power of your creativity and intuition
3 Dramatically improve your ability to sense and understand other peoples' "body language"
3 Learn how ambiguous and chaotic situations can work to your advantage and much more!

Affordable, recession-busting price of only $9.95!
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 A Special Message From Dr. Hein


"Virtual viewing is like having a new pair of eyes with 'X-ray vision.' It allows your mind to function beyond the capabilities of any current technology. Dr. Hein is an amazing teacher and communicator. His meticulous attention to the details of this process make this an absolute must for anyone who wants to succeed in life."
-- Teri, Certified Hypnotist, owner/director of

"There is nothing like a viewing class with Simeon to help you tap into your full potential. Highly recommended." --Lorraine Moller, Olympic marathon runner, medal winner and author.

image "Simeon far exceeded my expectations. This class was just terrific! We made PHENOMENAL target contact. It was wonderful."--Elisa Brown, musician and vocalist (comments from live NYC viewing class)
v1 "Remote viewing gave me to confidence to go into the unknown and come back. It's astonishing!"--Ron Russell, artist and lecturer

"This was a wonderful, fun, mind expanding course. Simeon is a wonderful sharer, with a light touch." - R., Boulder, CO

"I liked how the class was set up. Dr. Hein is a good charismatic and knowledgeable presenter with a good grasp of RV and the subtleties of the subtle energies." --Mark W., Virtual Viewing student

"The Virtual Viewing class had some very 'exciting' moments. This was a wonderful class and I loved it. Thank you Dr. Hein." --Kristina P., Virtual Viewing student

“Your course is extraordinarily fun. Not pretentious, not aloof, just right on cue with what is pertinent for one to have a better understanding of RV. Thanks.”
--Sandy S.

“Your Virtual Viewing course is awesome!”– Mary T.

"Dr Hein's Virtual Viewing class is a blast! It showed me a whole new way to use my mind."--Melissa C.


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Click Here To Place Your Secure and Confidential Order Now
(Time-Limited Offer. Read below to see what you get with the
Insight package. This offer may come down at any time!)